Why would China or Russia want to stabilize Iraq or Syria when they don’t have terrorist attacks?

My answer to Why would China or Russia want to stabilize Iraq or Syria when they don’t have terrorist attacks?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Russia and China cannot afford a destabilized Middle East because a destabilized Middle East poses a greater problem to them. Each of these countries have a larger Muslim population than we have in the combined Western Hemisphere. And centuries of history has shown these region (the Jazeera, as it is known to Russia, China and most Islamic countries) has and have always been a training ground for insurgents and radical extremists in both countries.

Before the world war and before the industrial revolution, Russia fought Islamic radicals who were using the Euphrates areas (Al -Raqa and areas within Turkey) to train, to recruit and to re-supply – so they could continue insurgent activities in the Caucasus.

Centuries ago, probably between the 11th and the 16th, China had a big problem with a certain Caliphate formed by Yakub Beg in it’s northeastern region. This Caliphate and many others in China were funded from trade dealings and donations from the Jazeera.

That is why China today, is alarmed that Turkey is back in the game with the Uyghurs again.

These two countries have a longer history of fighting pitch battles with Islamic extremism than we do here. Russia and its variety of special anti-terrorist forces is, and has always been far more engaged with terrorism within its southern borders than we are. That is why you hardly see Spetsnaz knowingly operating in the west and outside Russia.

The borders between these countries are big, so they've always work ten times more than us to keep terrorists out.

Russia alone, I think the Tsar was known to issue Ukase (sp) – some kind of special orders (edicts) for state officials to go rout out insurgents, since it will take the Imperial Russian Assembly months of debate to agree on a single line of action.

There are many more shared between these two countries than we would ever know, but let’s just say the silk route is back on again as OBOR, and many things unknown to the west, hopefully will be revealed.

Welcome to the world of old civilizations. These game has been going on for centuries. And for now, we are just a pawn to middle eastern manipulators we called allies.

Why would China or Russia want to stabilize Iraq or Syria when they don’t have terrorist attacks?

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