Should the US continue to have a presence in the Strait of Hormuz?

My answer to Should the US continue to have a presence in the Strait of Hormuz?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

I’d say maybe, if being in the strait is about protecting those trades and those commerce with more than a touchy effect on the U.S. economy.

But since it’s the other way round, then i’d say, using our muscle to protect a few Sunni minority and their Gulf Royals against a poor Shia majority from ever attaining democracy and a popular vote, then my answer is a capital NO.


  • The emergence of Shia majority in the Gulf is inevitable.
  • This long standing tradition of the U.S., the UK and the French having bases all over the Gulf, talk less of yoyo-ing up and down the Arabian Gulf with warships, battle cruisers and carriers, is bad for democracy and popular vote.
  • It is also not good for our security and military capability – if we have to face a conventional army.
  • Protecting the enemy of an ally that keeps sending us terrorists is not good diplomacy.

Imagine the cost of personnel and material! Imagine what i could do with it on homeland America!

Well, with less than ten percent of operational and maintenance cost:

  • I could use those boys and girls in uniform to help put in place a state-wide drainage system all over flood/hurricane prone southern states, the mid west, Texas and American gulf states.
  • I could effectively improve on updating our infrastructure at less than one percent of what it cost to keep them and those bases in the Arabian gulf.
  • Boost small American businesses along the way and let American tax payers enjoy the benefit of having their boys and girls in the service.
  • I could provide better drinking water for American households – rather than the old world war II system that we still have in place now.

If any of the Founding Fathers’ should wake up today, they would be horrified to see Americans doing security job all over the world. Time to move on from the middle east. Our future is not, and should not be tied to that place at all.

Time to focus on domestic issues and ReBuildUSAtoday. Iran is not our problem, and the duty of keeping the (Gulf) Shia majority down should never have been passed our way.

Should the US continue to have a presence in the Strait of Hormuz?


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