Dump Trump to ReBuildUSAtoday!

Dear American,

A second grader will tell you “to make America great again, we have to rebuild it. It is the first step, isn’t it?”

Well, with this in mind, I therefore implore you to DUMP TRUMP. Rid yourself of branding and all the hollow tactics that comes with it.

Substance, certainty, clarity of vision, belief and purpose is what guided the Founding Fathers. And no matter how sweet and scintillating fashionable interests and marketing tactics seems, it is imperative for Americans to uphold their innate values and not be seeing trading it for something fleeting, temporal and as profane as Trump for president – after all there is still a Smithie to build this land.

Stand with me, Smithie and let’s all chip in to ReBuildUSAtoday.

With your support, I hope to debate Hillary soon.

Sincerely yours,
SmithieForPresident (Abbey Laurel-Smith)

Please feel free to download my apps in the apple store.


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