Sheriff David Clarke

Funny how you wake up thinking, good Lord! what is new from Sheriff David Clarke today? It is not because you’ve missed something, or because you want to break ranks as a uniformed fellow, but because you just don’t want to be embarrassed more than everyone in America is now.

Here is a man who (by government approved standards) pride himself as having a better IQ than Mohammed Ali, yet shows off a high degree of functional literacy in front of the cameras, every single time he opens his mouth.

At first, he blamed it all on Marxism, well, what Sheriff Clarke need to know is that Communism and Marxist way of thinking went out of fashion twenty five years ago.

Then he said, it was all because of absent fathers. If that is the case, then I call on Sheriff Clarke to look at the cases of all those who have been shot or choked by officers and others alike. Fact is, Sheriff David Clarke is flatly wrong.

And as for blaming it on the progressives, I’d be happy to explain the reasoning behind the body, if not the contextual form of the American constitution to him. Because every single public official except Sheriff David Clarke, of course, knows fully well that the constitution is a proper study of man and human nature. It is a proof that our contention that human nature does not change is in fact a denial of progress and evolving civilization.

Sheriff Clarke is a perfect example of the problem we have with the older generation type of uniformed officers. Like it or not, they all have to be routed out of the force – for Police departments across the country to reform and change.

Sheriff Clarke speaks for himself, not the police and not the public he swore to serve and to protect.

Problem is, he is in charge of a populace that is more informed than him. Americas poor are playing up in this election cycle because poor Whites have been sidelined and Trump’s moral is not too far from that of Lot and his daughters in the Bible. As for poor Blacks, what we are seeing in the dispersed community across America today is the effect of the largest massive incarceration of black males – since the days of slavery, that was legally perpetrated by Bill Clinton. And they see him coming back into office.

But if you deny all these, then I implore you to ask yourself one candid question. What happens if you deny a generation of people from the ages of 17 – 35, economics, literature, industry and politics?

I leave the answer to you.

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