#MarcoRubio – #Veterans’ talkback #5

Marco, we are faced with a country where students who should have made good engineers, scientists, creative researchers, mathematicians and material technologists are all going into programming, computers and setting up brick and mortar business.
Lawyers, Pharmacists and Accountants and other line type of professionals are being replaced by technology. And unlike Russia, China, Brazil and India, the U.S. government, has to compete with big businesses to retain the best.
Yet you still think having a country of welders and pan cutters is the best for America. Even if it is, you could at least give them the benefit of an education in material technology. Provide research funds into areas of nanotechnology and many others for the American education system like the PILGRIMS Alliance.
Why do you want to deny well meaning Americans, the benefit of good education and the type of advantage that was granted to you and your parents by the American system?
America has gone through several shifts. The “literary” and the “political” naturally came from Europe.  
The “economic” was for a while exclusive. But not anymore. China change the trend.
Sorry to say, you’ve lost the race. Early showers, mate!


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