#BenCarson – #Veterans’ talkback #4

Let’s get the facts straight, Doc. In the type of world you seemed to profess, first, an immigrant like Elijah McCoy would never have thrived. Two, we would never have had the American golden age. Three, women’s suffrage would probably be reversed and fourth, the civil advancement of 50s and the 60s would never have been.
But I suspect hanging it all on conservative views, sadly allows an escape from what should have been a collective responsibility – say, about our newly connected world, as an example.  Hankering on about conservative views pushes a collective (call it self deception or responsibility) into the lap of the professional – a shrink or a polltrickster.  
This might not have been if we agree to address the fact that in a well connected world, people who (politically) wish to hold on to history and tradition – as an excuse to be conservative or to remain as they are, need an awareness and an upgrade. 
History and purely historical view of tradition is affecting our laws, our rules, our regulations, and in a very technical way – they all contribute to slow down a course of progression that could have been all American.  
The reality is, the new world that is handed to us now, is different from what lies before us or what used to be on our plate.  And if I may repeat myself again, what comes down to us through legal and historical process (that you are willing to protect and keep) is preventing Americans from hearing the new or taking bold steps – like those taken before and during the women’s suffrage, all through to civil rights era.  
Pollitricking is un-American, continue this way and China will trump us in our own backyard.
….on behalf of Veterans’ and The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America, I look forward to debating you soon.  
Just make sure you win the nomination for your party.


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