#Trump – #Veterans’ talkback #6

Talks, that Donald Trump is a danger to the military and the homeland security is no secret. Here is a note from a totally pissed of Fleet Admiral’s memo. This is all about his reflection on one issue. One topic out of many.
Mistakes so far:

– Failed to understand force posture and MR (military restructuring)

– Have no clue about how to set up the military’s org. structure, talk less of how to use it as a way to influence future strategies.

– Failed to grasp the meaning and the effect of limited deployment of weapons, materiels and resources, otherwise you will not be calling for a robust engagement with Russia.

– Advisors around him are “beach boys and suffers” don’t have a clue about force posture – be it peacetime or wartime.

– Have no clue as to why military restructuring is absolutely necessary.

– No clue about using MR as a way to address new security challenges 

– Failed to grasp how factors like changing dynamics in economics and industrial relations, affect the military, their deployment and nature of equipments.
Sequestration is another thing:

If only Trump could spend more time to have a good grasp of sequestration, understand that sequestration was brought about by the perceived costs of war, or to be sincere, look at it as a result of our armed aggression towards other countries, then Mr. Trump will see that as a CINC or as a SecDef, your perception of potential threats to homeland United States goes beyond bragging and bullying to manage and to administer.
Then, coercive powers:

First, some of our allies (won’t name names) have attitudes that translates as, “why have a weapon when you can’t use it.” Second, the military advisers around you are neophytes, babies, tools and plain dumb hero worshippers.  
To the military and the defense department, the last two are known as “coercive powers.” They are good for nothing because they precipitate conflict – and most of the time, for their own interest, rather than Americas’.  
What is the rest of the military saying?


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