#PaulRyan – #Veterans’ talkback #2

Paul Ryan was one of the reasons Mitt Romney failed to win the last Presidential election. Now he is some kind of speaker/majority leader for the House Republicans, and rather than grow up, be progressive and see the current challenges America of today is faced with, he’s already spewing forth the same old immigration, Obamacare, anti-women, anti-maternity leave and other types of trash talk that will not only affect the poor, the weak, the elderly, the downtrodden and the middle class, but drag America behind other developed world.
In this day and time:

Militarism alone, is not the best way to project American power abroad.  

Student loans should not be accruing interests while they are still in school.  

We are being challenged in the Pacific by an ultra capable economic power and a different civilization – Asia led by China. Better to the party’s answer to this than beating up on the poor and the innocent.

Our military badly need an upgrade – so we could compete with a lean and fast Army like Russia.

If public/tax payer sponsored healthcare is good for Congressmen and their families, same should be for every Americans.  

How does the new age American energy (clean with gas or no gas) benefit Americans? A proper outline is needed to offset budget and be fiscally strong. This is an area that calls for innovation. Better to step in while we still have the edge.

There are many more…but for now, Paul Ryan is talking as if America is still very provincial – still in the early ages if Internet and Americans don’t know or care about what’s happening in the next town.
Wake up Buddy!
As at now, he is an example of the way party leadership should not be seen going. And like the country, the Republican caucasus that seriously need to be overhauled.
He should get out of that sit. If he has nothing new to add to this political landscape, otherwise will drag the party he’s supposed to be leading into a deeper abyss.
Americans will not be dragged into the abyss. Not on my watch.  
Time to RebuildUSAtoday.


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