#HillaryClinton – #Veterans’ talkback #3

Easy to make up things about her stance on issues affecting women, but then, she’s never been known to openly stand up for the girls, so I ask: Where, exactly does Hillary Clinton stand on women issues? Americans, the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America and a 2016 Presidential candidate like myself, need to know.
My views on women issue was made known as a mayoral candidate for the City of New York, 2013. Those views hasn’t change and are still, the main focus of my campaign to RebuildUSAtoday. 
Then, I said:
“Easy being somebody’s daughter, cost more to be a Woman.”

… and it’s not just America alone, look around – world over, any given day, any given time, there are more women at work than men. The truth is women have always worked. Even at a time when muscle and raw energy counted more than brains.
Think Hagar surviving the harshness of the desert with an infant to care for. Think Miriam giving her life to mentor the young Moses – so a God’s wish could be fulfilled. Then look at the same Miriam – dancing, singing, still caring and giving her best all through Exodus. All pointing to the fact that no matter what the circumstance is, Women have always worked, and in this millennium, they are working harder than ever.  
Men are just too scared to it to acknowledge it.
Call it social change, social arrangement or whatever, the thing is, has this social arrangement ever been allowed to par up with an economic arrangement it serves? No. Because Women are more likely to be less paid than male counterparts. Women are more likely to have a short career. Women are more likely to take up part-time positions. 
Look at it this way, we chose to thank the inventor of vacuum cleaner. We shower praises on the inventor of microwave, pressure cooker and hair dryer – for reducing the amount of time needed for cooking and cleaning up afterwards. But can we really thank these inventors enough – since women still feature between traditional jobs like: healthcare, teaching, social work, mentoring?  
Personally, i’d rather not thank them. Family values are failing. Children are paying the price for being in a double-income household all over the city. And worse still, healthcare and insurance coverage still cost more for working Women in today’s America.
30th of July, 2013 

Manhattan, New York City”
My name is Abbey Laurel-Smith. I am your Independent candidate for President 2016, and I am running to RebuildUSAtoday. “Easy being somebody’s daughter, cost more to be a Woman” is a cornerstone of my campaign and come election date, I hope Americans and Women voters will decide who best to lead the country at this critical moment in history.
At least we know where Mr. Trump stands, what about you, Mrs Clinton?


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