#JebBush – #Veterans’ talkback #1

Jeb Bush (like most Republican Party candidates for President 2016), if he goes ahead and implement his tax plan, will not only be driving the middle class deeper into the mud, he will be killing off the poor, most retirees and the downtrodden (women, farmers, fire fighters, police, veterans and students) – by simply ruling out earned Income (tax) credit (EIC) for all of these groups.  
Gas price, he’d so much love to see go up. And these groups – that are now benefitting from low gas prices, by being able to put some money away for holiday, for a leaking roof, for fixing kitchens and bathrooms will once again become a pawn to foreign oil and gas interest from pressure groups like the House of Saud, Bin Laden Group and all.
What he has forgotten is, whenever Americans see him debating on tv, not only do they remember “hanging chad”, they see a professional “voter suppressor”. They see everything that is wrong with our political system, embodied in him. Talk to common folks all over America New England, New York, New Jersey, California and a couple of other states – about Jeb Bush, and the feed back you get is, “wait a minute, if not for this guy’s hanging chad and voter suppression in Florida, 911 attack might not have happened. We might not have had his brother in office. Iraqi war would never have occurred and poor American lives might not have been wasted on a lie.”  
But, he need votes for now, so will play it save and not come out and say this, or explain in toto – the specifics of his tax plan to the debate watching American public.
That is why Politicians are like actors – better seen on stage when they perform their lines. But they are more fun to see backstage when they rehearse, improvise and test out the effect of their lines and diction on campaign managers. Now, this, is where things are verbally edited. This is where composure, facial expression and delivery get audited by trusted advisors. “Say this, don’t say that. And even when you say this, say it this way. Don’t give away this or that much. Give this impression to the public, even though this is what your intents are, or will be when you get into office. But for now, keep it safe.” And so we (public tax payers) watch debates and never get to hear the real thing until it hits us in the face – after election.
This is an exact picture of the backstage situation with Jeb Bush and his campaign team.
If in doubt, let’s look what he said earlier this summer and at the beginning of his campaign, when he said, “people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more income for their families.” Now, if ever there is a more heinous way of saying I will increase your taxes ten fold and keep inflation going, then this is it.  
Common knowledge is: putting in more time at work does not translate into heft pay check. By working more, every single American will be paying out more tax than beefing up their take home package. In fact, working forty hours a week means – a full day in a working week might not even be enough to cover your expected weekly rate of tax.
Working too much is already tearing American families apart. Making them pull their finger nails out without addressing rising inflation cost will be hell for them. Not only does it push them deeper into debt, it condemns them to living a life of debt slavery – with no proper healthcare and insurance cover. 
Debt own the young and every student in America today, but to mortgage a whole family into debt/work bondage is un-American. It is heartless and against all Christian values.
As for the middle class that the Republicans and the Democrats seems to be shouting about, well, the game is like having a blind person lead an elephant through a square ring. If the elephant’s tusk doesn’t overreach to knock over the fence, its tail would.
If greed is deemed to be good, then the best thing the next President should do is focus on those companies the American public bailed out recently. Time is right to see how well we lead the way into millennia economy. And that is what my type of President will do.
Join me to RebuildUSAtoday.


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