#AsianPivot as a way to #DefendAmerica – a sketch

#America in #South Asia or it’s presence in the #Pacific is natural. It is our front yard and backyard all together. This area – the Pacific, is my setting for Asian pivot. It’s development, it’s need to be environmentally protected, and the amount of defensive prospects it brings to board, justifies my call for closing up less productive bases in #Europe and abroad. It also justifies my preference for America to opt out of #NATO now.
To make this work effectively, if elected #President2016, I will form a new security alliance partner with the U.K. As regional partners, Canada and Australia will not be left out of this alliance. A new type of off shore marine based military structure and platform will be created all over the #Pacific realm.  

Note: Urgent need for robotics, full automation, bigger supply vessels, independent off shore capabilities, new weapons and a new operational doctrine for joint military assets.  Spectrum management and how it could impact security and economic growth, is a must for the military and for this alliance. 
With these, I will therefore give muscle to Asian pivot through mandatory TTP. By TTP, I mean, Trade (maritime and air) Transport (law, navigation safety) and Protection (defense and environmental protection). 

Law. By precedence, I will go by Charles Darwin’s book, recognize that the Pacific is full of seamounts. These are natural barriers waiting to be activated. They are abundantly blessed with rare minerals that countries like China, India and Russia could only wish for.
By merit, I will recognize them as American. Bring all seamounts, atolls and reefs in the Pacific under U.S. jurisdiction – that is if the Brits haven’t done it already. Will increase budget for the Pacific region and for states bordering the Pacific. And expand EEZ for every new barrier created in the Pacific.
I will extend Federal rights, State boundary rights and protection to each and all seamounts, atolls and reefs. These protection will be extended to marine organisms and all types of natural resources below the sea, above the sea, space and beyond.
Will close some less productive military bases in Europe. Build more barrier islands in the Pacific, set up American military protection bases in strategic locations. With it’s professional population, these new islands will serve as monitoring points for arresting risks – to trade, to environment, and to security.
Please note: TTP will have a new set of guidelines for those vessels operating on ice covered surface and below ice covered surface. These areas of operation are vital to the defense of America and the Pacific realm as a whole.

Defense. I will divide the Pacific into three distinctive military/economic defensive zones. Back to each defense region with land, sea and air based military assets.
The Arctic and the North polar region – covering the whole of the Arctic sea, Alaska, Washington state, to Bering sea, all the way to Russia, Sea of Japan and North Korea.

Note: This area is an enclosed island. North west passage and the Northern sea route are strategically located in this area. It is icy all year round, and surrounded by different nations (each with different territorial claims) This is a highly industrialized part of the world and the nature of shipping in this area is strictly commercialized. It is full of natural inlets, inhabited by natives and a few but highly skilled professionals. These professionals are engaged in deep sea drilling, mining, research and other industrial activities.  
Need a strong and robust military presence.

Need laws for pollution and floating debris.

Need laws for navigation and passage rites.

Calls for safety of ships and tonnage regulation.

Militarily calls for SOP in icy-waters and under icy-waters.
The middle belt and the warm region – covers areas below Washington state – California and pushes out to Hawaii, all the way to South Asia (Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and beyond.  

Note: New financial, technological centers and trading posts will be created in these region. This area will be shielded from stealthy military threats (submarines, cyber warfare, environmental litter and bio-security) with newly created atolls and monitoring posts in the Pacific.
While the warm region sweeps from Mexico, Panama, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador and beyond. 
The south polar region – covers anywhere below Ecuador, to Chile, Magellan strait, The Antarctic, all the way to Australia.

Note: This area is a land on its own. It is surrounded by water. Apart from research bases, it is not inhabited by any soul and is therefore susceptible to regional interests. It is good for tourists and passenger activities because ice melts in summer. It is a great supply route, needs no tonnage regulation and as an area of great underwater activities, requires an equally robust military presence.
This does not mean I will ignore our traditional system in the gulf and the Atlantic, no. I will boost them and reinforce whatever land, sea and air system we have in place.
Gulf trade, security and environmental activities will be woven around the economy of five states.
Atlantic will be divided into North Atlantic – for trade and protection of New York, North West passage and beyond. Increase number of trade ports and capacity to move goods by air and by sea.




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