L#MSgt.JoshuaL.Wheeler – a letter to President #Obama

Attn: #MittRomney #POTUS #HillaryClinton



Dear President Obama,

Please note, I am writing this on behalf of all Veterans, all American Special Forces Operators, the PILGRIMS Alliance and all that are committed to RebuildUSA.today.

My source tells me that:
Americans transported Kurdish Pershmaga in five helicopters, to carry out a hostage rescue op. in Huwija, Iraq. However, a rescue of about twenty people turned up more bodies – went from twenty to seventy. Meaning, rescue op. got bogged down, element of surprise was temporarily lost, adjustment and accommodation had to be made, and was made on the spot – to stop op. from going total FUBAR.  
At extraction, Mr. Murphy reared it’s head through prison defenses. Certain Tango weapons locked on transport, and a few others aimed at hostages, and that was why MSgt. Joshua L. Wheeler stepped in.
And by inserting himself between hostages and enemy fire, MSgt. Joshua L. Wheeler:
Prevented the enemy from scoring a direct hit at transport(s) with a couple of ready to launch Tow missiles. He prevented a couple of eye-level RPG-shot at transport. And as a moving and firing target, he diverted a multiple array of raking fire – from small arms, to multi-purpose machine gun and grenade launchers away from transport and hostages.

In short, all seventy hostages were shepherded to safety and another Iranian hostage debacle, nipped – so Delta force could carry on and not have to face the after effect of another failed hostage rescue scenario.
With this in mind, Mr. President, if you can’t rename Oklahoma state after him, give him a fort or have his picture printed on a dollar bill, you could at least get Sunni Saudi’s and their Sunni Qatari allies to stop arming these rogue terrorists – ISIS, Al-Nusra, Boko Haram and the rest.
Also, can you please veto the sequestration bill pass by the Republicans. It is affecting defense spending. It is affecting Veterans’ healthcare bill and it is the largest morale killer in the military as of today.
All the best, Sir.

My regards,
Abbey S. Laurel-Smith


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