#News update – #Japan, a need to be concerned


Not sure what type of brief is being serve the President by his advisers or those Georgetown University gurus, but seeing those Toyota trucks roll into Iraq raised a red flag about Japan and the type of influence big time manufacturers like Fuji, Mitsubishi, Toyota will most likely have once Japan become active in the world of arms, munitions, rockets and other types of armaments.

To any defense minded git – analyst or a briefing officer, these types of trucks are classified as dual purpose items – meaning, they could be exported for commercial use as well as for other purposes. The other in this case should be doubly cursed and classified as small arms. Reason: we are seeing a rebirth of Toyota Hilux aka technical, and it is being used for specific Qaedateinment purpose – military, para-military speaking in Iraq.

Now to all governments contractors and manufacturers, the issue of accountability for these types of items, I mean items within small arms classification – is like dropping a stone in a flowing water. Not only does it sink very fast, it also finds more room to maneuver once it gets to the bottom. And worse, you never can tell exactly where or how it’s going to land.

Yes, Al-Qaeda favors the northern star to navigate the desert rather than a GPS, and the assembly plants for Japanese vehicles could be anywhere. Nonetheless, anyone briefing the POTUS should not underestimate the global presence of these companies. They are like CocaCola, IBM or HomeDepot in China. They are well rooted to sway any government from waging any kind of war.

These companies could and will compete very well with Boeing, BAE, Lockheed Martin and others in defense and armament. In fact they have the same strength in terms of employee resources and power and will definitely outperform their western counterparts in areas of robotics, nanotechnology, electronics, material technology, MAV.

One advantage they have is, unlike the US/UK they have no silicon valley to compete with when it comes to resourcing the best.

To rescue a situation like this. I suggest the President come forward with a re-invented lend-lease program. Bypass export restriction on technology, the house and the conservatives. Make available oil, gas and consumable resources that a country like Japan don’t have in exchange for access, participation and ownership of those things they already have, had already researched, are still researching and proposed to research.

Russia have been providing oil, natural gas, metals and rare earth minerals. North Korea is a transit point and also a provider of rare earth materials. India, probably onions and some other things.

As part of lend and lease agreement, expand the benefit of joint American and British oil, gas, financial and materiel muscle to surrounding countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand in exchange for drilling, excavation, provision of materiels and defense on those conflicting South Asia Islands…



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