A #statue of #St. Jude for #Bill #DeBlasio

If I have the means, I’ll send a statue of St.Jude to the Mayor, City of New York.

First, minimum wage and affordable housing, then Central Park six, and now ID’s for immigrants. Gosh! I wish everyone could join me in my quest to send a statue of St. Jude to Bill DeBlasio, Mayor, City of New York. He promised to help the hopeless and cater for the need of ordinary New Yorkers. So far so good, he’s lived up to his promise.

And in face of all oppositions, dearest Mayor, another option to exercise will be to execute your right to a “visitant order” It is an executive order that makes all immigrants in the city a guest of the Mayor overnight. It also give them a special status – akin to political asylum, so long as they stay within the city, work and facilitate business in the city and from anywhere all over the world. Guess what! They can also represent themselves – vote and partake in local New York City elections.

With more than a million new voters, well, you have more than enough muscle to mount a formidable challenge to replace Senators like Charles Schumer, Bill Perkins, Cyrus Vance and Governor Cuomo, if they refuse to play ball.

See, I might be a nihilist, but seeing a “utilitarian democrat” like Bill DeBlasio stick up for his belief, I am sure tickle the pratfall out of the progressives in Albany.

He is quite unlike some popular “star” democrats. Most of whom built a career on prison reform, education, tax, middle class, campaign finance reform, green energy and all fashionable stuff. They are still here with us and won’t go away into retirement.

Guess what! We kept voting them into office hoping they’ll come round to do as promised…but politics being the art of doing nothing (as they are known to say) makes my poor self and the rest of the public feel as if still in kindergarten age.

Remember kindergarten age was an age when people dangle carrots – claiming it to be a learning process, before your kinder eyes.

I remember the hundred boxes of corn flakes I had to eat through, hoping to extract toy soldiers. And every time I scored one, two, three or four in a box, they were never the same…or never as good as the picture on the box, talk less of their lasting value as a toy. Meanwhile the kid in me kept on buying more cereals in my search for the ultimate soldier.

Progressive packaging or not, this “kindergarten experience” is an example of what those “star” democrats have been pushing on people – from post civil right period up till now.

They might now how to campaign, but people know how to vote. Let’s make the right choice and fill the congress with a set of younger, forward looking and energetic representatives this mid-term election.

That is why I said, if I have the means, I’ll send a statue of St. Jude to the Mayor, City of New York. But I don’t. And if you agree with what I have to say, please do not hesitate to donate to show your support for this effort.



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