#News – #Rick Perry and #President Obama

The #Republican house and the rest of the #Congress voted overwhelmingly in favor of a #foreign war in #Iraq. Provided fund for the war and for #Allies to join in the war effort. Cost trillion of dollars and a lot of #young American lives.

#Federal tax issues and #health care issues in most of these states or not, these same #Republican house led effort to give tax breaks to businesses and the one percent – in the mirrored hope they’ll create jobs here. Well, nobody needed to be reminded of jobs being created abroad.

And when it comes to providing support for #President Obama to combat #border issues and #illegal crossings that affects mostly #Republican states, these same set of life long #Republican Congress have been extremely slow to respond.

Yes, big money is needed to move a section of the military, equipments and provisions needed to help secure the borders in #Arizona #Texas #New Mexico and #California. No quick fix. Any move in this direction is like going to war, so proper #logistic is needed and a #Veteran like #Rick Perry should know better.

With this in mind, I’d say, I am sad to see #Rick Perry take the #American public for a ride and a #publicity stunt on #border issue #immigration and #deportation of mostly #Spanish speaking #toddlers from the #Americas.

Bottom line is #Rick Perry, to most #Texas Republicans in his state is still a closet democrat. To #Democrats, he is a turn coat. He should be beating up on his chosen #Republican Congressmen rather than the #President.

If I were #President Obama, I’ll turn the table on the Governors of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Start an aggressive campaign to get every individual voter in #Texas to call up on their Congressman. Tell them to shape up or ship out. Make funds available to secure the borders or get voted out in the coming mid-term election. Period.


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