Wall Street

Best way to go with Wall Street is not to follow a trend and be as critical or as harsh as everyone. This is a mercantile economy and rather than follow others and look inward – as I’ve seen all candidates for Mayor do (democrats and republicans) I’d rather boost up the system that is in place and create alternatives, if elected Mayor.

We are in a world that is fast changing – demographically and culturally. And rather than tax Wall Street or do anything radically crazy, I’ll introduce alternative systems to banking, bond, financing, insurance, loan etc.

I will bring in Shabbat banking system. With Islamic banking system, I will cover financing, bonds or sukuk. I will also introduce Korean and South Asian banking and finance system.

I will also set up a new system for material technology, deep sea mining, space explorations…

This is just one of those ways to rebuild the city, express the spirit of multiculturalism, regain the city’s status as the top finance hub and attract new investors from all over the world.

Yes, I am a nihilist and I wanted to be Mayor because Auntie Maggie taught me well.

Come the 5th of November, New Yorkers please go out and write my name SMITHIE on the ballot.



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