Stop-and-frisk revisited

Another perspective on tackling stop-and-frisk and reducing friction between the NYPD and the public.

Bring back “Smoke rooms” all over the city. Some stop-and-frisk incident occurred whilst people were smoking or exchanging ciggies…
Benefit… Economic boom for bars, lounge, cafés and restaurants all over the city. Good for construction workers. Good for the union and the city.
Convenient for all because there is a new technology that sucks in the smoke – so smokers and patrons don’t need to be afraid of smoke residue smelling off their body.
It is also another way of using technology to enhance live and living in the city as I promise in my campaign.

This is just one of many examples of how i plan to bring friendly and affordable technology into improving quality of life for every New Yorker.

This is one of many reasons why I will make a better Mayor than most on the ballot.

Sadly, Mr. Richman erased my humble self off the ballot, and the whole democratic network got me demoted to a write-in candidate.

So come 5th of November, voters, please go out and write me name “SMITHIE” on the ballot. I need your votes.



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