An objection (un-edited)

Conscientious objection,
a type of conduct in practice,
not to be disputed in principle.

A professional claim,
obstructing the course
of justice.

A soldier
plead a military code
to bar a common law.

A lawyer,
a professional etiquette
to conceal a client’s guilt.

The priest,
a sacred seal of the confessional,
to save a murderer.

Now democrats, like physicians
with binding codes of their own –
contracting out of an etiquette

to save matters of concern
– a practical existence
that is against communal oath.

So, if all should be against the truth,
and others against the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,

then beats my heart,
how some are allowed
a law unto themselves

and artists are not?

Please do not forget to write-in my name SMITHIE for Mayor on the ballot come 5th of November.



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