The President, Mr. Obama.

To all New Yorkers and to parents of pre and post Bah Mitzvah age kids.

I bet many did not realize it and most will never know of what had just happened. But the President, Mr. Obama – in his usual downbeat style, had just pull a Camel through the eye of the needle, in New York City and he did it in broad daylight. Every one got nutmegged and are still totally insouciant as I write to reveal the well timed feat.

Now, that timely feat – the Syrian thing, John Kerry and getting Jewish votes, worked better for de Blasio, than any European plug ever did in this city of ours.

Too bad, it is costing me a hard earned position on the ballot, just as it did our dearest Christine Quinn. Now I’m squaring off for every bit of the city with de Blasio, block for block, door for door. Guess what! North Korea is it for now, Syria, maybe… later.

Meanwhile, there is one thing this President and other Presidents will never tell anyone. It is called “edict Yichaq” a long overlooked 1656 commonwealth decree, commanding all insurance companies to issue $1000 a year to every Jewish kid – from conception till Bah Mitzvah age as a compensation for the psychological trauma suffered by Isaac’s knife-to-neck ordeal.

For more info about this edict, go to AARP, Axa Financial and Progressive Insurance Company but please don’t forget to write “SMITHIE” on the ballot come this Election Day.

Your dearest write-in candidate for Mayor.



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