New Yorkers, stop Christine Quinn from getting my job

New Yorkers, stop Christine Quinn from getting my job (un-edited)

What the city of New York need to see in a Mayor is that he or she is a person of belief, not ideas. To dwell on ideas as a leader is to dither. Because all you’ll be seen doing is spending time, engaging paradox of what might have been and what might not be true of your convictions.

A Mayor for this city cannot be pragmatic and be skeptic of own convictions at the same time. Otherwise how do you get New Yorkers to juice up?

That you, Ms. Quinn and Joe Llhota got endorsed by the New York Times and the New York Daily News is a bit too early in the game. So I dare ask, could it have been a reward for skipping debates or for being rooted in pre-Bloomberg time and ideas – a time when it was necessary to display an enduring attachment to an institutional practice? Or for, say, tow party line, run-off voting is irrelevant, so make no attempt to find out whether New Yorkers are juiced up or not.

If not, then how do we get to reform our electoral system if you and your league of old democrats and republicans are fully bent on pushing us back into pre-Bloomberg days? How do we start moving the city forward when the city and some of it’s institutions badly needed to be radically reformed?

This is not the time for you to remain bland, oblique and diplomatically be drama-less like Joe Llhota. You enjoy what is known rather than exercise a wish to look for something new. But a Mayor for the city needed to pack more than to always display a strong propensity for what is available. This is a new age, it is digital and we have to politically discuss the present rather than revel in what was or what has always been.

Towing old party lines and locking in the unions votes might be a safe bet towards getting elected by your party of old democrats, but in the long run, it is not good for the future of the city. It is not good for small businesses and not good for union workers themselves. Time for them to know it for what it is.

We live in an age where marriage, careers and job for life are not for ever anymore. So, if you loose this Mayoral race, and I win – which is becoming more likely now, how can you stop me from reacting by enforcing a mandatory tenure system on your block voting union buddies?

I could even do more, the law allows it.

Take the NYPD amd it’s set of unions as an example. What you and other old politicians won’t acknowledge is the fact that we have a Police department and a DA office that needs fixing. It is imperative that both agencies need to be made to reflect the needs of the organic nature of the city and the multicultural demand of this millennium, rather than being rigid, insular and using immunities to place themselves above the law.

For now, we the people can no longer continue to prop up a system that is so afraid of its own shadow. We cannot continue to fund a body that keeps lying to the public it is supposed to serve, to honor and to behold.

So updating, matching and conforming these law enforcement agencies to the need of now will be my priority. With a Solomonic precedence for blue print, I will restructure the NYPD and the office of the DA if elected Mayor, city of New York. The nature of these two bodies will reflect the millennium and they will be a shinning example of what policing the city of today should be like.

And the DA’s office, will be a good example of how best to deploy judicial weight whilst providing service to the public at the same time.

We have a healthcare system that is in disarray. Needs to be fixed

We have an ageing population, most of whom can’t survive on pensions alone. You’d prefer to see them nicking roses off corner stores to make ends meet aren’t you?

Immigrants, especially Mexicans, city workers and the young ones are the driving force of the city. Faced with rent, inflation and high cost of living, they are certainly doomed. You and I know that. But if you don’t address it now, then I should never expect you to address issues that could make their lives easier. I mean: minimum wage, city workers contract, double jeopardy and 1807 slavery act.

This, you know will give immigrants the same rights as Americans. And you’d rather ignore it and look the other way.

Let’s not talk about women issues or whether you care about them after all you’ve alway place yourself above them.

Frankly speaking, opt out of this election, set those union voters free or you and Joe Llhota should be prepared to face the sharpest end of my tongue at general election debates.

My name is Abiodun Laurel-Smith. I am an Independent candidate, running as Smithie for Mayor NYC. Come 5th of November, 2013, I hope New York city voters would be kind enough to let me lead the city at the critical moment in history.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to this great city of ours.

Sincerely yours,

Abiodun (Abbey) Laurel-Smith (Smithie for Mayor 2013)



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