Smithie: on environmental warming (un-edited)

What did Rashi say?

“Art in the house, please do not dress for dinner.” Seems like an extreme statement to make for an art exhibition or to friends and invited guests coming to your home, but to me – an artist and a Mayoral candidate, no. The experience is not different from going to a house in the Balkans or visiting someone in the Middle East and taking off your shoes before you enter your host’s place of abode.

If elected Mayor city of New York this November, I will set up a trade and economic standard regulatory body for the city. Main task will be to start scrutinizing the make up of all textile materials that comes into the city of New York. ‘specially polyester, rayon, nylon and silk. Reason is, I’d love to make it clear that it’s not gas emission that is causing the most damage to the climate, it is us – silk wearing humans. And it is because of the amount of body heat generated by us.

Why? The human body is a complex machine by itself. It is constantly generating heat, the amount of which becomes more enhanced when we don silk attires like – bras, panties, stockings, shirts, ties and scarf to work, to dinner parties, at home or to that first date. The generated heat even get worse, if we are without the right type of carpet to thread on. So imagine the damage we are constantly doing to paintings, sculptural pieces, found objects when we stand next to one or even buildings walls when we walk, bike or drive around the city.

Very soon, I hope we’ll be able to power vehicles with our body heats alone and maybe supply needed energy to our own homes. Good news (if that day comes) is no one will be able to steal another person’s car, phone or any energy consuming products.

But for now, keep it simple and safe, and ask what Rashi would have said of this silk wearing culture? What would he have said about it’s effect on climate, green energy, built environment, and art?



One thought on “Smithie: on environmental warming (un-edited)

  1. You have to consider the economics. If you regulate clothing that is easily obtainable then there will be an increase in the black market for these goods which will in turn fund crime. Yeah great one, we’ll spend public money to increase crime and reduce economic turn over in the city as people will buy their clothes online and outside the city thus reducing jobs in the city.


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