Smithie says: Joe Llhota, not good for the city

Joe Llhota is not good for the city (un-edited)

“Harlem swagger,” they say, “doesn’t come cheap.” As much as it grows on you, it is also a style that is constantly updated for the sake of continuity, life style, heritage and respect.

Our society is based on the notion of lifelong careers, and to some extent marriage. But the reality of now is that those two pillars of stability cannot co-exist without bogging down an economy driven by unfettered choice and the pursuit of short-term gains. I am talking free market and it’s damaging effect on tradition and cultural habits.

Yes, free market is good for all. But at the same time, this free market that we so much promote has helped undermine values. The best any government can do is to step in, support family structures and small businesses the best way we can.

This is where I come in as Mayor and I swear by the name of this city, I will revive small businesses again. Bring back businesses and reserch bodies that left the city due to hight cost of operation. I will grow their confidence in whatever area of the city they decide to set up and make sure they never leave again.

For New Yorkers, I will prioritize tackling inflation and rent economy as one of the reasons why women work more nowadays. It is why kids from poor homes shelve the idea of a diploma, a degree or a college education, start working at an early age to support the family.

Low income families and young couples are working day and nights to make ends meet. It is affecting families. Kids don’t get to spend quality time with their parents anymore. Nobody to provide guidance nor help with home work so rebel – wear their pants down and flunk their exams. Lucky ones, by eighteen had to go work to help the family. The unlucky ones get locked up, comes out with a rap sheet.

Can’t vote, can’t get a job because they can’t read or write properly. Worse still, no skill. And that leaves them prone to drug dealers, pimps and street hustlers.

Hospitals are being shut down at an alarming rate. Now New Yorkers have to travel very far to get to the ER, if they are lucky to make it. Imagine having an heart attack at home. Ten minutes, no immediate treatment and you’re brown bread. Imagine mis-stepping and banging your head on any of our horribly tiled sidewalk, three minutes, no immediate treatment and you’re veggie for life.

Is this what we need for our retirees and kids? No. Not to mention Democrats, but is this the Republican way? No.

New Yorkers wake up. MTA’s Joe Llhota, a Republicans is comfortable getting your votes and if and when he give back at all – it is your low class and middle class money being used to subsidized big corporations, banks and wall street.

Unlike me, an Independent candidate, Joe Llhota won’t address the issue of minimum wage in a city like New York. He won’t address the fact that city workers are complaining about their contracts regardless of whether inflation rate, price of essential commodities and rent goes up every year or not.

And as for pensioners, the undertone from this career Republican is cloaked around a fervent wish for them to die quickly or leave the city they slaved to build if they can no longer afford to pay New York city rent, buy sugar, bagels, rice and peanut butter.

Voters, read between the lines. With the MTA is a warning light, I urge you to probe and hose through Joe Llhota’s record and whatever he says to get your votes. He’s a Republican like the rest – comes across as if a democrat getting comfortable at getting your votes.

Vote Joe Llhota and you’ll still have waste treatment plants cooking up in your hood and next to your schools. Put Joe Llhota in office and watch your kids playgrounds go to private hands.

My name is Abiodun Laurel-Smith. I am an Independent candidate, running as Smithie for Mayor NYC. Come 5th of November, 2013, I hope New York city voters would be kind enough to let me lead the city at the critical moment in history.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to this great city of ours.

Sincerely yours,

Abiodun (Abbey) Laurel-Smith (Smithie for Mayor 2013)



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