Smithie’s pledge card

This is a PUBLIC MATCHED FUNDING campaign. Your donation (no matter how small) is crucial to this candidate“I understand that State law requires that a contribution be in my name and be from my own funds. I hereby affirm that this contribution is being made from my personal credit card account, billed to and paid by me for my personal use, and having no corporate or business affiliation; and is not being made as a loan.”


One thought on “Smithie’s pledge card

  1. I am Maria Detommaso of 1121 47th Rd, Fl 1L, Long Island City, NY 11101, ph. (718) 729-4671 or Cell: (917) 406-8195, email:

    On March 16th, 2012, while employed as a House Keeper, I was assaulted by NYC 2103 Democratic Primary Mayoral Candidate, Neil Vincent Grimaldi, AKA: ANIELLO M.A. GRIMALDI, who also ran for U.S. President in 2102 (

    ANIELLO GRIMALDI was arrested in Bronx, NY for assault on housekeeper Maria Nicola Detommaso, June 8th, 2012. Docket No. 2012BX033922. Neil Grimaldi’s home address is 2860 Buhre Ave., APT 1E, Bronx, NY 10461, ph. (718) 828-9288 or Cell: (646) 229-7974, email: and and

    The case is assigned to Assistant Disctrict Attorney, Benjamin Marzolf, ph. (718) 590-2100 or (718) 590-2089, Office of Disctrict Court, 215 East 161st St, Bronx, NY 10451. The trial has been postponed by the defendant several times, but is set again for September 03, 2013 at 9 AM. My attorney is R. Thomas Masters, 125 Brook St, Garden City, NY 11530, ph. (516) 747-6442

    Grimaldi practices law out of his home and has also been an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County. My attorney, Tom Masters, says this is the strangest case he’s ever seen. Grimaldi ran for Representative for Congress District 16, New York in 2012. Grimaldi was a previous candidate for U.S. Congress. He also claims to have written a monumental book on wisdom and religions called “The Book Of Life And Love”. Info:

    Grimaldi also sued Pope Benedict, February, 2012:

    Most famously, Neil Grimaldi was the attorney for Theophilus Maranga, a New York man, who sued Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM for $10 million for injuries he says he sustained while helping to stop the so-called “underwear bomber”

    He also has a youtube video: “neil grimaldi for mayor 2013” and his latest youtube post on corruption:

    Proof of my case:

    Proof of emergency room visit (discharge date is 03/17/2012, but assault was approx. 10pm 03/16/2012, and I went directly to the emergency room after calling 911 to report the assault:

    Mayoral Candidacy:

    Pictures of injuries to Maria Detommaso:


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