NYC Unions, workers and AI.

AI threat or no threat?

Two ways. One the city, the other, the people – or those voters known as New Yorkers.  

Is AI a threat to the city? No. It is a welcomed advancement for the city. It is a way to improve services it currently provides to New Yorkers at a cheaper and less cumbersome cost. It is a way to make the city more efficient, and a way to reduce human foot print on the city’s public and private space.

Like an open architecture, everything fits into the city first as an entity, then as a physical space.  Doesn’t need to prepare itself for AI and cannot prepare itself for AI. But as New Yorkers, we can. And the best way we can is through knowledge that is open and adaptive to the new. So we could be self sufficient to cater for our fear of what is to come if AI makes us and a lot of others less reliant of the city for jobs, or on well known and trusted means for making ends meet.

My view is AI will lead to a lot of small businesses, many of whom will not only be working remotely, they will be sourcing materials directly from primary sources. 

For example why will a New Yorker in a couple of months from now go to a bodega or a local supermarket for fresh vegetables, tomatoes and oranges when he or she can order it fresh and directly from a tree on the farmers farm and had it shipped directly to any given address in the city?  

Why will a New Yorker go to the fish market when it is possible to cue up to buy a fresh catch directly off the fisherman’s boat and had it shipped to any given address in the city?

Why go to a local butcher for a steak when the abattoir could easily ship to buyer via Uber, then go back to work? 

Now in face of all these, AI could be a threat to new Yorkers if we are not prepared to address changes in a work place or a work environment that could be out home or anywhere on our phone.  if we are not ready to address and to fine-tune the nature of our benefits and rights – workers to meet the new.

There will be unions, our bargaining rights will still be there, but a job for life might not be anymore, as well as familiar job titles. Almost everyone will have hobbies to turn into and issues like annual leave, pay increase, sick leave, lunch break, pension, 8 hour day, weekend work, health and safety, severance pay, unfair dismissal protection, and now maternity and paternity pay that we’ve talking about for the past few years will all have to be made to conform to the new.

Otherwise it is pointless saying, “my employer refused me the followings”  What if that employer is an induced AI with no known emotion, and AI shrinks are still being schooled?   

I hate to see New Yorkers and the next generation get mugged in a WiFi alley. That’s why I am running for Mayor so I could use the obligation of the city as written in the city’s charter to prepare New Yorkers for the future of work, work space. work place rights and future of benefits. 

Invest in training the new generation, and retraining the current so AI’s thinking logic and conduct in all facets of life could reflect not just getting things done, but our diversity. Why diversity?  Well, going by NYPD record, AI as of today still have problems and flaws recognizing faces of young men of color but not of women of color.


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