Congestion pricing in New York city — wired pollutants.

Infra red and other radiated emissions coming wired devices and wired connections — of which seems to be everywhere now is another thing that is another thing that is causing air and air wave saturation congestion in new York city.

Unlike gas emissions, we don’t see it, and because it cannot be easily compared to the number of vehicles on our roads or number of gas and lead pipe emissions does not mean it is not there at all. It is as a matter of fact more numerous than vehicles and their exhaust pipes put together. If in doubt, start counting the numbers of cell phones, printers, music head sets plus other wired gadgets, then add electric vehicles and their wired connections on top.

Now, my plan if elected Mayor, city of New York 2021, is to make the city “a clean air, and green living economic zone” Meaning, by 2022, I’d like to start weeding out all gas and diesel engines in the city. All wired connections and other equipments that requires a long cable would either have to be changed, remodified or have cables calibrated in a way that doesn’t radiate or emit electric energy into an already charged city atmosphere.

This is my future ready plan for New York city, and it’s aim is to improve upon what we have now by setting standards for EV producers and by telling the Tesla and others to upgrade from wired battery charging connection stations to wireless and near field charging methods.

With this, all that is required and expected of Tesla and other EV manufacturers to meet the kind of new standard I’ll be proposing here is:

  • redesign or reconfigure your EV batteries to accommodate a magnetic disc with inserted coils at the base of the battery housing or at the under belly of the EV.
  • the city’s DOT will provide near field charging spots all over the city by removing all parking meters and replacing them with electro magnetic induced discs, embedded onto main streets, parking lots and gas stations.

Benefit here is, yellow taxi cabs, MTA buses, NYPD vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, plus other types of private and public vehicles could park, pay, charge up in less than thirty minutes, keep running their engines — if they like, and not have to release gas or emit any form of heat into the atmosphere. Even yummier if the EV’s are hydrogen powered. It means all they’ll release into the air and the environment is vapor and water droplets.

Point I’m making here is, a true government that is committed to clearing congestion, air and environmental pollution, would set rules and standards for what is most comfortable for a total green and clean living. Not the likes of Elon Musk’s Tesla, BMW, Honda, etc.

Disrupting gas stations and setting up wired battery charging stations for Tesla and others is not enough. Near field charging technology is here and once set up everywhere all over the city or even the state, it could be powered from a geothermal source. Now saying New York city atop a teutonic plate that runs all the way into Canada is another thing.

I will therefore get all EV manufacturers to remove wired connections if they really want to feature in New York city from 2022 onwards. And make it imperative for Elon Musk to update and upgrade his Tesla series if he seriously wanted his vehicles to run on New York city roads, and doesn’t want to be sidelined by the yet to be announced Apple EV.

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