Congestion pricing in New York city — air pollutants.

My view as a candidate for Mayor, city of New York is that congestion in New York city is as a result of two things: gas emission that we all see and smell, infra red and other radiated emissions that we don’t see or feel at all. They all contribute to global warming, harmful to our lungs because they pollute the air we breathe in, and their residue or fall back on materials degrade built infrastructures.

But the “pricing” part of what everyone seems to be talking about is upsetting and unsettling. Price gouging is a bad habit. And the consequences of this bad habit is even worse on the public, if this gouging is coming from the government backed by a set of admins and laws.

In this case, I’ll focus on congestion on New York city roads via traffic and gas emmisions. Wired radiation and others, I’ll leave for another post.

New York City handles over 1.6 billion traffic going through it everyday. Now that’s a lot of vehicle “gas” emission into the city’s atmosphere, and this is without touching on emission from landfills, plus the fact that New York City is the largest producer of waste turnover in the world.

So far the city has done well by turning waste from plastic, food and others in it’s landfills into bio-methane oil for it’s public transport. But the question remains:

  • what do we do with constant vehicle emissions, if we cannot make privately owned vehicles that passes through everyday to change from gas to bio-methane oil?
  • How do we get auto manufacturers to change from gas to bio-methane as an alternative?

And now, that Governor Cuomo is bringing it up again, I am all for it. So long as he doesn’t hide under federal laws and federal loans leading to toll gates on inside New York city boroughs.

Meanwhile, I’ll suggest the city retract to my 2013 proposal as a mayoral candidate, look into the options of plate numbers and make it mandatory for vehicles with:

  • odd numbers on the city roads on certain days during the week and weekends.
  • even numbers on another set of other given days during the week and weekends.

The city will not only reduce congestion rate of traffic on our roads, it will also help:

  • sell more electric vehicles as a second option to trucking and haulin businesses and to a few household.
  • boost storage and parking business for garage and car park owners.
  • be on the good book of insurance companies.
  • increase the efficiency and smooth running of good distribution, supply and delivery channels into the city.
  • get more people onto the subways and not have to hike subway tickets.

The numbers of traffic might be tempting and enticing, but putting a price tag or taxing 1.6 billion vehicles for transiting through New York city roads is a bad option. It would back fire on cost of products and services in the city and in the tri-states.

Good thing is, we all agree to the fact that gas emission from vehicles is killing us. It is making our kids sick and therefore need to find a universal alternative to gas and other air pollutants.

But for now, these and capping landfills with solar panels are other ways we have been using to heat up the atmosphere. We can no longer enable global warming more than we are doing as at now.

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