Who have been some of the best American Four-Star Generals in the past 20 years?

My answer to Who have been some of the best American Four-Star Generals in the past 20 years?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

General Eric Shinseki: An extra-ordinary mind. Passionately hated by policy advisors because he was never afraid of talking them down.

Technically adept, scientifically wise, battle tested…, he is so far the most capable to lead the army into a new future. His plan for an army of the future (makes a joke of Star Wars) was presented almost twenty five years ago. It is still yet to be implemented.

A house for professionalism and raw talent. America need him to build an Army worthy of fighting in this millennium.

Russia and the war in Ukraine is forcing a rethink of his proposals.

Late Colonel David Hackworth; Americas most decorated soldier of the century, and America’s only reluctant general.

A naturally gifted soldier with 2 DSC, 10 silver medals, bronze medals (with silver and oak leaves) 8 Purple Hearts, 34 air medals and many many more.

Today “naturally gifted” soldiers like him are a game to West Point trained “professional soldiers”

They are:

  • constantly being pushed into the special forces – where life expectancy is as low as wear and tear on body and mind.
  • And their chances of being promoted beyond NCO level in this day and time is very low.

Richard Marcinko and late Joshua Wheeler are examples of these caliber of soldier(s).

Late Admiral Boorda and late General Shalikashvilli fit into these category as well.

An extra ordinary mind. Almost on the same level with Shinseki – if surrounded by a good team. Sadly, a committed “Yob” Would never be seen to hinder anyone around him from supporting their local brewery.

Martin Dempsey; Most solid and most robust general of the past twenty years. Problem, too humble to flex the depth of his achievement.

Now his work might make Joe Dunford a General of the Army. That is if Trump is getting good advise and not going for top deck, pop star generals.

To be contd….

Who have been some of the best American Four-Star Generals in the past 20 years?


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