How will you celebrate when President Obama leaves office?

My answer to How will you celebrate when President Obama leaves office?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

I will celebrate knowing he tackled corruption in the military as best he was able to.

Now NCO’s and naturally gifted soldiers – especially high schoolers like quora’s Sgt. Jon Davis, who join at seventeen or eighteen, have better chances of becoming West Point graduates and career officers without having to go look for a “named signature” from the likes of Lindsey Graham or be made to go through the old boy network of Lt.Gen. Boykin and others, to be selected for a Colonelship or become a Pentagon assignee.

I will celebrate knowing the effect of what he had set up for the military will affect the military establishment for the next twenty years.

I will celebrate that he clearly understood the fact that “professional soldiers” be they from West Point or Sandhurst, will always be professional soldiers. And as a pawn to the defense industry, they will never finish a war, talk less of bringing a war top a close.

As they have not been trained and indoctrinated to do so. Otherwise, what will their lives be as a civilian?

On the other hand, I will be sad knowing the poor souls (NCO’s) he helped in the military did not appreciate, nor reckon with what he did. And most will certainly not take advantage of it.

Will be sad knowing that we are being driven towards collective citizenship by people who are used to taking orders. And Trump might not be able to control them.

Will be sad knowing life might be hell for the individual American if the next set of cabinet appointees decide to rule like the Venetian “council of ten” did in Venice, Florence and other northern Italian city states from the 13th to the 15th century.

How will you celebrate when President Obama leaves office?


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