My answer to How will David Freidman change world politics when Trump steps into power in January 2016?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Look at it this way:

Trump gave Israeli hawks the type of guy they wanted. Now, if he goes ahead and execute their wishes – which is to the left of most Americans, then the relative calm which Israeli and the Palestinians have enjoyed for the past eight years, is out of the door.

With ISIS knocking on the fence, IMHO, making life worse for Palestinians further than they are now is not the best way to go.

Also, Israeli leadership needs to be aware that Trump is surrounded by three groups:

First are Navy guys – ex USS Liberty. Common folks and a huge part of Hillary’s deplorable. They’d be too happy to see Trump carry out a no friend no foe policy. Meaning, pay back time for the old helicopter attack on the warship. They are well entrenched at grassroots level. So far nothing has been done for them. These group could force Trump out of office if they know they type of power they have at their finger tips.

Second are the Marines, led by General Mattis and a guy (another Marine General) leading the DIA. They haven't forgotten the Lebanon bombing. Meaning, no matter what! Iran and Hezbollah is never off their iron sight. Now, that is a dangerous and single minded streak that could get us all in trouble.

Third is the FOP. As of now, they are more organized, more experienced and are edging Trump towards a Venetian style or northern Italian city state type of government. It is a style that worked with New York city and Singapore, but will it work with a national government?

Well, Trump is looking. He hasn’t shown his true card yet. He is as amused as Michael Flynn is.

So, in a way, this (like others) is a get out of my way appointment.

Israeli leadership need to wake up.

How will David Freidman change world politics when Trump steps into power in January 2016?


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