Why is Trump saying that China can keep the drone after protesting its theft?

My answer to Why is Trump saying that China can keep the drone after protesting its theft?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Look at it this way. He realized we tried to humiliate the Chinese by challenging them technologically, but then got humiliated in the end because someone somewhere got it all wrong.

This incident is an example of another strong case for a huge intel. oversight and reason to get out of the middle east because that place is making us dumber. China and it’s Navy of today have improved a lot better than we credit them for.

Trump is helping to safe face by telling them to keep it. Otherwise, the whole thing is a mockery and a slap in the face of the Navy and the U.S. Why? That technology is so old and so simple to build, you don't even need to make the rip to HomeDepot of RadioShack to put it all together.

Why anyone (a contractor, maybe) deploy it a again after one was picked up by Chinese fishermen, a few months prior to this baffles me.

Last time such a crude wire guided or radio guided technology was developed, tested and deployed was just after world war 1 by Archibald Low. No serious Navy sails around with such a weapon anymore. Anyone with a cell phone can easily pick it up that “blimping fish” and track it for about a hundred yards.

Now, look beyond a hundred yards and what do you see? A U.S. Navy ship in plain site! That is what happened.

At the end of the day, Hillary’s people in the military, at Pentagon and within our intel. services have got to go. We need to:

  • show more respect for our neighbors in the Pacific.
  • withdraw our best – service members and equipments from the middle east. Bring them to the Pacific and learn to defend our own backyard.
  • gather better intel. and do things differently.
  • reckon with the fact that all allies in the middle east are self serving freeloaders and are degrading our capabilities.

Why is Trump saying that China can keep the drone after protesting its theft?


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