Who will control Aleppo by the end of 2016?

My answer to Who will control Aleppo by the end of 2016?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

I think a re-energized Syrian Army, with robust Russian back up – more than we've seen so far.  This is a Syrian war that the Kurds, the Armenians and the Circassians will happily join.  Thus putting Saudis', Qataris', Turkish (Sunni) alliance and support for terrorism on the spot.  And the way things are, I think this will happen sooner than end of this year.  Iran will not be involved and neither will Hezbollah. 

A tactical ring is currently being formed around the city as at now.  It is an important egg waiting to crack open.  As for the source of opening!  Hard to tell, because Aleppo, as the biggest (business) hub for Muslim Brotherhood outside Egypt, is also beefing up its defenses.  Loss of this key outpost will break the business base of this group.  It will break ISIS.  It will break Sunnis' hold on Syria in Turkey, Egypt, Libya and the Suez.

Guess what!  Whatever haul (Intel) comes out of Aleppo will lead to the exact location of Ayman al-Zawahiri.  It will also show that those who have been protecting him are not too far from running rings around the Euphrates.

As said, bad for Sunni allies.  America will, and is beginning to – compromise.

Taking Aleppo will probably end the whole war.  As for Turkey, it will be in bad shape.  Why? Iranian plan to push ISIS and all terrorist groups "westwards" in to Hatay region worked.

Who will control Aleppo by the end of 2016?


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