U.S. Election 2016

Dearest Voter

On behalf of ReBuildUSAtoday, I, Abbey Laurel-Smith, a progressive running as SmithieForPresident for the PILGRIMS Alliance party of America, would like to seize this opportunity to say a big thank you to our voters, their friends, families and co-workers. Your loyal support, your efforts and time contributed to our campaign has helped keep us in the race for general election, 2016.

To our law enforcement officers, fire fighters’, Veterans’, farmers’, immigrants’ and students’ across America, especially the people of the states of Utah, Mass., New York, Texas, the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida and California, I am happy to say your relentless effort kept us in the race, please stay with us and help us into the White House this November.

The making of a new party and the only third one on the American political scene of today would not have been possible without listening to your concerns. I must say, building consensus around your ideas has helped find ways to address a core issue that touches every American the most – security.

Security, is the main key upon which this political party’s political objectives are built on. And as much as it is the base for the general welfare of this union of states, it is also a key component that kept commerce, economy, manufacturing, mining, farming, education, technology and innovation on a clear and undisrupted path.

Today, our security, especially the future of our laws enforcement sector is being brought under fashionable trend. This should not be so. If elected, I see it as imperative for this party to improve security in all areas it touches and use it to build a trusting community relations as well.

During this long campaign season, we have been mocked as the “Christian Law Party”, “the Latino Party of America”, “La Alianza de Peregrinos”, the Republican Nut-Job Alliance and as “the Republican Immigrants,” but then, Jesus was mocked as well, so, i am glad we took on the labels and marched on in the face massive independent and progressive vote suppression.

And like our motto, we kept on saying “let us ReBuildUSAtoday. Let us embrace technology and update our rusty infrastructure. Let us embrace the new age of American technology, use it to reduce waste and improve services where needed the most. Let us cut down on bureaucracy and do away with those inefficient practices that is always getting in the way of allowing our retirees to retire and age with the kind of dignity they so much deserve.”

To the gurus of Silicon Valley, Menlo park, Seattle, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and family, I say a very big thank you. Please do remember, this technology driven party need you more than ever.

Once again, I thank you all for helping this party of Veterans’ go this far.


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