What problems does the Republican Party face?

My answer to What problems does the Republican Party face?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Problems of choice, flimsy inward looking and demographic changes in the country. These are three plastic issues that have to be reckoned with, for the party’s doctrine to have an American future.

As at now, it is all too ridiculous in all camps – left, right, center, conservatives or not. Everyone is towing party line and not really addressing issues on how best to see the way the country is going.

Too much energy is being wasted on mundane, and less progressive issues. And this current Presidential campaign showed it all off.

For example:

  • after all the talk on gay issues and how Obama is purportedly forcing “gayness” on the country, what did we end up with? Trump – a man that is not only eyeing up his own daughter on stage, but brazenly professing a wish to bang/date her – his own daughter!

Now, this is a man asking to be voted first citizen – first American, from whose actions and deeds all Americans (males and females) will be judged.

Well, the Democrats are quite happy with the gayness of definition, but looks like Trump’s daughter banging antic is what every American Republican (male or female) will be defined by for the next four years.

What problems does the Republican Party face?


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