What issues would Tim Kaine focus on in a Hillary Clinton administration?

My answer to What issues would Tim Kaine focus on in a Hillary Clinton administration?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

To be frank, i’d be more happier to see a Latino in this position rather than Tim Kaine. Looking through his record and his statements so far is like Dad’s Army marching the country back and forth, back and forth. Same arguments, same faces and same points of view(s) being re-harshed, nothing new.

I sense this will happen in the political field, that’s why I'm set up the first Latino political party in America “La Allianca de Peregrines” The Pilgrims Alliance party.

Now talk of working with Washington – the two chambers of Congress especially is the last thing anyone need to hear. We all know they are good at tying things up. Like the nine Senators did to Obama’s plan on immigration for eight jolly good years.

And they’ve perfected the art of window dressing and getting nothing done. Like the Supreme Court’s stance on immigration being used to secure a win for Hillary’s candidacy now.

Tim Kaine is not a shaker talk less of a disruptor. He sits perfectly in a vertical management style. What the country needs now and more than ever is the opposite of vertical management style. We need a horizontal manager, because a manager or an administrator working within a horizontal system knows when to manage and administer remedies. He or She will not wait in line to preach a set of concessions.

That is the type of management I plan to bring to the White House as President. Not one with a Dad’s Army vibe like what Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine seems to be letting off at this stage of her campaign. If people are comfortable sitting on a bench and are not willing to move or make space, then there is no need to wait in line till one of them drops off. Look for another option or other ways to make space for your self and your crew. That’s why i propose a “swift and sure” (SAS) policy.

And if i have a VP that i sense is afraid of setting up a horizontal task force or a shadow government before the first 100 days in office, I’d fire him before election. We are getting beat by Vietnam, China and Russia. They have streamlined their system and are more efficient at making lives easier for families, cats and dogs in their domain.

As for an economy that sits well in this millennium, that will be impossible to put in place talk less set up with approval from the two chambers, if we can't improve on our security. Security alone in this millennium covers from how fast we gather intel to how we treat our law enforcement officers and those who work day and night to prevent everything we eat, drink and use in our daily lives from being contaminated.

To cut things short, I am far from being impressed.

I’ll vote SMITIE. No Hillary and Tim for me. Thanks.

What issues would Tim Kaine focus on in a Hillary Clinton administration?


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