Are the French intelligence services incompetent?

My answer to Are the French intelligence services incompetent?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

No. French Intelligence service, its agencies and officials are very competent. Biggest problem they face is how to overcome interference by politicians and few government elites. If they can bypass “garbage” bureaucracy and multi-cultural sentiments, i guarantee they’ll be as effective as Russia and the UK, when it comes to fighting terrorism at home and abroad. This is something they talked about everyday.

Also, experience, training (military and police) on how best to respond and terrorist fire tactics has to change – as well as equipments needed. But how can they do this when Algerian/North African war veterans are still in charge of training and doctrine in this millennia?

Another obstacle is cultural difference and American interference. They cannot fight terrorism the way Americans do. And neither could they face terrorism the British way.


Because main trouble spots, terrorists and brotherhood hubs in the Middle East and North Africa are former French colonies. And regardless of whether they have all been treated with disdain or not, applying British or American model to how they (the French) tackle terrorism in Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Egypt, inside France and outside France doesn't fit.

You cannot fight Assad and ISIS in Syria on one hand, then let in all ISIS/Islamic Brotherhood sponsors from Aleppo into France – after being expelled via Turkey by Assad. These are the same rich people – all of Sunni Arab descent, who started the six days war with Israel. They are all French/EU passport holders.

Note: after Russia (Chechens) France and French speaking part of Belgium has the largest population of ISIS fighters. Most are not ordinary French citizens, they have at one time or the other served in the French Foreign Legion.

Best for the French to fight alongside Russia than with NATO or any EU joint strike. Hollande screwed up by focusing on fighting abroad without securing the homeland. That’s why this is happening.

Too bad, the French have to learn the hard way again.

Are the French intelligence services incompetent?


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