How do United Kingdom’s immigrants from EU feel after Brexit?

My answer to How do United Kingdom's immigrants from EU feel after Brexit?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

To Mihai and all immigrants in the UK,

Please note: you got thrown into a situation that has been debated back and forth since it was introduced as the treaty of Rome in 1958, then the economic outlook of it was changed – taken out in 1992 at Masstritch.

So, if you had known this history before hand, you wouldn't be blaming the long standing anti-EU camp for gaining an upper hand in this referendum. They’ve compromised for so long, hoping the EU thing will work out. But no, never did. We lost face, power and influence as a super power.

And to be ruled by less developed European countries, on top of all these! That’s what this is all about.

The media misled you, because it is easy to sell news about immigrants than news about what started as an economic program, now turning into a political over reach.

Anyway, now that this has been done, you are covered by the British law as the Queen’s guest. Same as was done to the Jews in the 11th century (i think) It is the Her Majesty’s way of making sure corrupt politicians don't mistreat you and throw you out of the country.

It also means no true British subject to the Crown will ever harass you on any of the five Kingdoms and in any of the British Isles and Overseas Territories.

But if you decide to leave the UK, then, please do read up on the history, culture and laws of the place before you go.

I hope you all stay and bear witness to the reasoning behind this Brexit. And I hope you’re all patient enough to see the way the Queen is going to address this issue in the next couple of days.

All the best.

How do United Kingdom's immigrants from EU feel after Brexit?


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