How do “Remain” voters feel about the Brexit result?

My answer to How do “Remain” voters feel about the Brexit result?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Good Lord! I’ve never been so fired up and so giggly at this British decision.

Imagine, we’ve been waiting for this referendum since 1958 – when it was first sold to us as Treaty of Rome. Was an econo mic treaty that no Prime Minister (Labour or Conservative) felt comfortable talking about talkies calling up a vote on it.

This alone got the British public suspicious.

Then came 1992, was changed and re-inked as Maastricht treaty without the British knowledge. And when we looked over it, what did we see? The economic label has been inked out.

So what is this then? Nobody provided an answer, thus allowing two Scots/Catholic Prime Minsters (Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) to throw us in to the EU. Then what started as an economic treaty started revealing itself as a political entity.

Now that is a different cup of tea entirely. No try British person will ever knowingly sign to be in Europe talkies of being ruled from Rome again.

After this, we need to start talking about bringing back the old Royal blue passport back. And when to do away with the EU star and blue circle on our British license. I’ve had enough of it.

How do “Remain” voters feel about the Brexit result?


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