Was Margaret Thatcher as demented as she’s made out to be?

My answer to Was Margaret Thatcher as demented as she's made out to be?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Last time I got engaged in a discussion like this was in the Army. And I’d say, “yes, I’ve heard it all from those poor but patriotic lads whose poor parents lost their life savings and council flats, but “dementia” Oh boy! that’s a new, new.”

Now, let’s look at your question, go back in time and see if we can put you in her shoes – without high heels, lipstick and handbag of course.

Let’s say, you live in the UK of that time, you are a trained professional, then a politician. You held a party office, mange to chart a new course for the party, thus making it possible for the party to get elected. Held a shadow (cabinet) office in the Parliament before you finally got the top job – to lead the country and its five Kingdoms as the prime Minister.

Now, keep in mind you were known for your candid and well thought out views, and got voted in several times because of your promises to the electorate, not because of party politics.

What will you do as the head honcho?

  • Keep the country in a great depression type of economic program – that is heavily subsidized, very weak, static, predictable and non-progressive.
  • Keep a type of (welfarist) practice that was set up as part of world war II rationing system in 1979.
  • Keep the same government wage and spending system that wasn’t of help to industries, farmers and the market in general or adopt a more flexible economic and labor market that is as competitive as it is flexible.
  • Keep to a traditional credit system that was (as at that time) rigid, inflexible and not plastic enough to allow for individual growth (of your country’s work force) on one hand, whilst on the other, your industries are becoming less and less competitive.
  • ….
  • ….
  • ….

Or bite the bullet by:

  • Create new money, new class (based on capability) – the Yuppies, as they were known then, and back it up with a new set of non-hereditary leaders in the all rank and file of public live.
  • Engage on a long term fiscal road by replacing fixed and static investments with accelerators from private individuals – as input needed to supplement a unitary state system of compliments and substitutes.
  • And whilst doing these, remember, the UK is a unitary system of Kingdoms, not what you’d call a federation of states, so like it or not there is bound to be capital loss during this transition period. How you make this liquid asset trap a short term thing is what makes you a great leader.

That is exactly what she did.

And for style, she engaged like a gentleman in the midst of old boys, yet never lost the chance to remind them of who exactly she is and what her gender was.

This uncompromising (in your face) attitude alone, drove cycle of old boys (all public school educated nuggets) around her to display unhinged anger and a certain non compos mentis.

To cut things short, I’d say my dearest Aunt, Baronnes Thatcher, was far from being demented. She did a great job pulling the UK out of the abyss. She did a great job by matching ideals with Oakshott type of civil, hard but true and relative UK reality, where Reaganomics failed.

America of today is in the same position the UK was in, back in 1979. And if nominated over Trump, i’d pull the U.S.A. out its current quagmire by updating its infrastructures.

Was Margaret Thatcher as demented as she's made out to be?


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