Who is more conservative, Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher?

My answer to Who is more conservative, Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

My dearest Auntie Maggie, anyway, anytime.

A mere reference to Clinton is an abuse, talk less of the name, Hillary Clinton. It is by far an off-putting term for those in the Conservative camp. Frankly, Hillary Clinton won’t make the cut – regardless of whether being a Conservative in America is different from being one in the UK.

Conservatives (whether in government, business or running the party) have always been superb administrators. They are shrewd and fiscally responsible all the way. Same could not be said of Hillary and her track record in private and in public office. And as SECDEF, the department she helped run for eight years is currently looking for ways to account for $6b. It is missing somewhere, and somehow cannot be tracked.

Now, she will be the next president, but don't expect her to balance a budget. It is just too much to ask of a Lady.

Conservatives are good with education reform. Hillary Clinton bungled education reform in the state of Arkansas. And till today, that state hasn't recovered. The are just a little tad ahead of Louisiana.

Conservatives might have a traditional streak for upholding personal responsibility and free trade, but will not leave you high and dry – if you don't have a means. In the name of reformation, the Clintons’ raided social security for Americans. All the loot ended up in town halls and cities across America. Politicians, town managers and city clerks started increasing their salaries – at the expense of the poor, the elder and single working mothers.

So, talking about a loot, that alone is the biggest treasury heist in modern history. But do we call him and her despots? No. They are Americans. They are icons, meant to be loved. Even when they, the Clintons’ are poised to screw up the poor and the middle class – by increasing sales tax for public/social services like they once did in Arkansas.

Also, Conservatives don’t quit, would never be seen to resign a post or turn their back on their public. Hillary Clinton resigned her post as a SECDEF.

Conservatives would rather take the bullet than lie or cover up. That is why they are close to base – more so when it comes to selecting appointees. Hillary Clinton is an expert at covering up her tracks, and has never been a good judge of appointees – most of the time shady fellows.

With all these in mind, Hillary clinton is far from being conservative. She’s an opportunist. Pure and simple.

She will start a lot of wars. Resolve diplomatic issues by using the military to beat up on easy targets rather than discourse and engage…

She’s not a Conservative and should in no way be compared to my dearest Aunt.

Who is more conservative, Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher?


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