How would markets react to a Trump presidency?

My answer to How would markets react to a Trump presidency?

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

Market will implode! It is the only way to humble him, rather than trod along and lay his game. And in the process of humbling him, we all get punished – with Trump branding himself all over again!

You have to understand Trump is used to sitting back to either collect rent, host like a pub landlord or sign deals and agreements based on his credit worth. This a vertical management style and a tested path that has worked for him. However, when it comes to running a country, the structural demand for strategic growth and the mentality required needed to be differently matched.

Nonetheless, he has chosen a drama-queen way of doing it.

So far so good, he has chosen to antagonize the likes of Mexico, China and the Gulf states – in the hope to bring them to table and score a deal or a set of deals.

Fact is these markets alone will be too happy to explode before settling with Trump – if he keep on going the way he is. Why? Mexico is strong in production and services… China with production, investment and supplies… The Gulf states are strong in investment, banking, entertainment, finance and energy…

Now, what he has failed to realize is that a bad in the economic life of a President might take years to fix. More so when there are emerging markets, new demands and robustly competing private sectors.

Imagine if Mexico failed on it’s promise to GM alone, …the military alone won’t have spare parts, not to mention the automobile industry – that we all bailed out.

Saudi and the Gulf states are already flexing their muscles so they could be reckon with…

And China is already talking OBOR…

The list of ways in which the market will bring his presidency to it’s knees are endless.

This is why I have been campaigning to ReBuildUSAtoday. So we could either reduce or cut our reliance on all these OECD countries. It is the only way we could bring back some of these industries – if not all.

How would markets react to a Trump presidency?


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