My answer to Politics: How do we reconcile the contradictory views of US military capabilities? What metric matters…

Answer by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

If we are up against Russia:

Readiness, relative strength and especially efficacy could easily be compromised and trumped by GUILE, then made worse by technology. It is not about mass anymore. It is about light, lean and fast.

That is what is happening to us in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Lithuania now.

The best equipment we have was developed during the Reagan era. Our doctrine is still predictable and hasn't changed much from Cold War era type of doctrine. Most vulnerable are the foot soldiers “the Army”. Not the Navy or the Air Force.

That is why I am campaigning to rebuild and refocus the joint armed forces structure that we have today to one that is “swift and sure”. We seriously need to go back to the table – if all we have to rattle Russia with is armor and enacting a couple of missile shields in Eastern Europe.

But if we are up against Ali:

Then we are the best.

Fact is, Lady, prolong war against terrorism without clear objective is damaging to the capability of the US/UK military. Allocating more budget to the Air Force Navy is also doing us no good. We need to get our boys and girls in the Army kitted up properly. They carry the brunt of battle.

If in doubt, start by dividing a battle ready US/UK soldier’s battle gear into six sections. Define the function of each section, then compare each to Putin’s green men. And you'll see why I have been shouting for the Army to be kitted up better than we are now – for almost four years now.

Forget big data, look at what is in front of you. Trump, Clinton and Sanders never wore the uniform talk less of diggin a fox hole, rolling in and watching a tank pass over you.

They are not the best of news for the military and their families.

Politics: How do we reconcile the contradictory views of US military capabilities? What metric matters most: readiness, relative strength…


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