I see both #Universal #Healthcare and #Medicare as universally #sexist. It favored #Men and #MEN more than it does #Women. And this is because it was formulated, drafted and came to being at a time when 98% or more of the #workforce were MEN.  If so, then: Isn’t it time we look at it again? Isn’t it ripe for a revision, if not a total overhaul?

Why do #Americans assume it would it be wrong to fashion a healthcare system that take issues affecting #Women/#Girls of all ages seriously than has ever been?

Women pay a lot more for #healthcare and #insurance #costs #today, than Men. 

Fact that our “#Wall #Street” minded managers believe that Women are most likely prone to have a #short #career. And they are most likely the ones to create a gap in contribution by juggling career with raising a #family, does not mean we should keep an old system in place. 

Let’s #ReBuildUSAtoday.



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