#News: #USMilitary – #Veterans’ talkback -#35

First step towards bringing the #military and the #armed services as a group into a true force to be reckoned with, this millenia is to improve on the quality of education.  How far, how wide, and how deep comes into mind. But these are near term approaches that could very well be taken into account for the remaking of a force-millennia.  

We are faced with a very capable, exceptionally adaptive and fast evolving challenge from South east Asia.  And regardless of air capability, Princess Charlotte’s lake or the Pacific Ocean is getting more and more crowded with stealthy, lethal and ultra quiet underwater visitors.  Most with questionable intent. And all coming from emerging military economies like Vietnam, India, China, North Korea, Indonesia, etc.

…makes me wonder if all pension drawing Korean and Vietnam veterans’ all over the U.S. have lost their edge and can’t seem to smell a pull at the fence.

Battle space of the future demands for more from a technically literate person.  And our boys and girls in uniform need more than a functional education to fit well into this criteria.  

Join the Pilgrims Alliance to improve the military, it’s standard and Veterans’ education at all level.  Let’s all campaign to ReBuildUSAtoday. 



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