#News: a #date with #Christ – #Veterans’talkback #23

We’ve heard about Lazarus, coming back from a certain death. We’ve heard of Nicodemus, and what it means to have a rebirth. And I’m sure, the story of Zacchaeus and his change of heart has never been far from our ears.
But what about his curiosity? What about his passion? Have we ever been as driven as he was? No. Have we ever been as determined as he was? No.
That is because we’ve always been taught to be obedient and to always remain humble in his presence. Well, nothing wrong with this, even if it means – keep walking, you’re in the shadow of Jesus.
But as we walk in the shadow of Jesus, we got comfortable and forgot that: as much as Jesus inspire love, care and obedient to God in us, he also wanted us to be curious. That’s why he said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find.”
With this in mind, I then ask: Americans, where would you rather be on the 4th of July this year? Remain in the shadow of God or walk hand in hand with Christ, and seek to know him in person as we celebrate the birth of this nation.
Personally, I’d go out to the park, celebrate my date with Christ with friends, family and strangers. And we’ll all revel in the fact that: so long as we are on a date with Christ, the devil can’t touch us. The devil can’t sway us, nor pry us away from Christ’s hold and embrace.
I hope you’d do the same too. I hope you’d go out, celebrate, and share the company of Christ with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and strangers.
Wherever you may be, Americans, I implore you to let us all be like Zacchaeus. Let us all be curious enough to make this coming Sunday our day to go on a date with Jesus – as we head off to select a candidate for President.
Please remember, it is time to walk hand in hand with God, than remain in God’s shadow. Dating Christ is one of the many ways to dine with God, be in God’s presence, receive God’s blessing and his protection as we RebuildUSA.today
“Dating Christ” was generated by Abbey Laurel-Smith and “a date with Christ” was sponsored by #ReBuildUSA.today, the #Pilgrims Alliance party of America.


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