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Jerry Falwell Jnr.#Liberty #University

It is very Christ like to forgive and to canoodle with others outside the faith, after all, how do we talk of Christ’s redeeming qualities, if we are not open to others that are not like us. But to do it on a day of earmarked by Christians for redemption, soul searching and less fanfare is overreaching. It is far from being Christ-like. It even come across as repulsively vulgar – if it is a favor, a means for personal gain, and a way to gain an unfair advantage.

Nonetheless, we as Christians will forgive you, Jerry Falwell Jnr, for this trespass.  

What we will never forget is your choice of the 30th day of the birth of Christ as a day to politically dally with Trump in the secular realm of things. This, is hard for Christians, Lutherans, Protestants, Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims, Hindus and most Americans to warm up to.  

Why? Because the significance of the number 30 to Christians, is the same to Jews, Muslims, Hindus and many other people of faith in America of today. It is a day of redemption to people of all faith. Nothing more nothing less.

Look at it this way, we all know that Christ on his 30th day of birth was already an infant child immigrant. He wasn’t just an illegal alien, running from persecution, he was illegally smuggled into Egypt by his 30years old Dad and a teenage bride. Egyptian rulers – like they’ve done in the past to Abraham, Sarah, Noah, Job, Joseph, his brothers and Moses, were still kind and wise enough to grant a reprieve. Therefore granting Christ – the infant Child and his parents, an indefinite period of stay in Egypt, until when it was safe enough to return.  

Most immigrants in America of today are in this situation.  

Matter of fact is, I most likely wouldn’t have had to write this if Mr. Trump had shown some degree of willingness to reckon with what the Bible highlighted as the “Mark of the true Christian: “…Extend hospitality to strangers…” Romans 12:13. Or abide by what II Corinthians 8:13-15 affirmed, that extending hospitality to strangers “is a question of a fair balance between your present abundance and their need…”   

The Pharaoh’s might be too far back to look at, but there is always King Solomon, he set an example for how a country, Christian or not, could benefit from Immigrants, and use immigration issues to build it’s military and energize it’s industry, small business and economic base. That is why the PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America wanted to ReBuildUSAtoday.

At this stage Mr. Falwell Jnr., I sincerely implore you to make an announcement. Use it to clearly state your stance, otherwise you’ll be seen as trying to mock Christ on his 30th day of birth. And before you do so, I’ll suggest you ask yourself questions like:
Why is it that Christ started his ministry at the age of 30?  
Why was he later on seen betrayed and sold for 30 pieces of silver?   
And if Hindu religion is too far fetched for you to look into, then ask yourself: 
Why is Ramadan fasting slated for 30 days?  
Why is it mandatory for every grown and able bodied adult?

Please don’t be shy to let everyone know you are far from thrashing the blood of Christ and neither do you intend to use the Liberty University platform to demean Christ’s birth and sacrifice in any manner or form.  

And as you do so, keep in mind, Francis Scot Key’s picture of steadfastness, nature of courage, ethical motives and Godly morals of countenance that guided the leadership through the bombardment at Forth McHenry, “Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land/ Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation./ Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,/ And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”  

“We the people” are waiting.

The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America/ReBuildUSAtoday


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