#Saudi coalition of 34 #terror #states – #Veterans’ talkback #13

Saudi coalition of 34 terror states.
December 15, 2015, Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, a young Deputy Crown Prince and the current Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, announced the formation of a new, 34 member, Islamic military alliance. Aim will be to combat “any terrorist organization that appears in front of us,” and to coordinate efforts to fight terrorism in places like Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.   
The statement goes on and on. But then, the question is why does it have to be strictly an “Islamic military alliance”? Why does it have to be labeled as such?  
Also, Abdel al-Jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister confirmed this alliance to be, “a Saudi led coalition” because, “Muslims had suffered disproportionately from jihadist violence…” Now, that “Muslims had suffered disproportionately from jihadist violence…” is a blatant lie.  
This statement shows a total disregard for the presence of a few others – Christians, non-Sunni’s and the rest, who have been displaced from their ancestral homes by Saudi sponsored terror groups. Many have been beheaded for not being a Sunni. Non-Sunni women and young girls have been raped. Non-Sunni young men of fighting age – who refused to convert have either been shot at sight, have bodies publicly mutilated as an example for others not to follow. Hundreds and thousands of non-Sunni retirees and elders have been disproportionately taxed – made to pay jizya by these Saudi-Sunni funded extremist groups.
So, could this be a Jeddah driven pan-Arabism or what? I queried myself.
Doubtful, I then did a back channel background check on the person of Prince Salman al Saud. Trace certain leading elements in his life and guess what I found! He is in fact not too different from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other franchised groups. And whichever way you look, his Jeddah upbringing subjected him and many others to the teachings of Abdullah Yusuf Azzam during Azzam’s teaching days and many years of residency at Jeddah University.
It was also claimed that, “Saudi-led, Islamic coalition would share intelligence among its members and would jointly train, equip and, when necessary, deploy military forces, against Islamic State militants…”  
Now, none out of all 34 members is Shia. None is Jewish. None is Catholic. None is Christian. None is Buddhist. None is Animist. And the Saudis’ – as he coalition leader, have just beheaded 46 peaceful protesters for having a non-Sunni opinion.  
Now, if the coalition leader of 34 countries is behaving like this, then I must ask, how different is it from Daesh? How is this Saudi action different from ISIS?  
Matter of fact is, the Saudi’s cannot be trusted to lead an alliance. And if they are allowed to, then, the 34 Islamic alliance group of countries are not only going to be seen as suppressors of freedom of speech, democracy, and public assembly.
The listed countries are: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Djibouti, Senegal, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Gabon, Guinea, Palestine, Comoros, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, the Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Yemen.
They are now to be considered terrorist states and a bigger threat to the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany and the rest of the world.  
Even if they claimed to have been duped – which I doubt, they have already signed up to:

– Grand scale Terrorism

– Salafist Jihadism

– Islamic fundamentalism

– Islamic Jihadism

– Islamic Wahhabism

– Sunni Islamism.  
They are all super-bad Muslims and in my book, they are all prime targets for war. As a candidate for President 2016, God knows! I’d battle all of them to a pulp – if elected President.

Join me @pilgrimalliance and @rebuildusatoday.  Let’s all sponsor a #VeteranForCongress



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