#News: #DonaldTrump or #KimKardashian for #President2016. Who would you #vote for and why?

Forced to ask this question since Donald Trump is changing the Presidential race and the political playing field in general by being DISRUPTIVE – Silicon Valley term. Kanye West is seriously contemplating about having a go. And the famed CHARLIE SHEEN (on my watch) would love to stand up for LATINOS as “El Presidente Carlos Irwin Estevez.”
But let’s look at Kim:
Fact is, if it’s all about business sense and capability, Kim bested Trump in so many areas.
Trump inherited money and hasn’t made trillions of it at his age, compare to Kim Kardashian and the rate at which she’s building her empire.
Kim doesn’t go about spreading hateful, race baiting and stomach turning xenophobic garb(s) like what we see Trump doing everyday.
Kim doesn’t abuse women and neither will she ever lash out at a differently abled person.
She’s a better entertainer and could be comical if and when required.
Has huge followership than Donald Trump.
Doesn’t hate immigrants and Mexicans.
One thing they both have in common though is:

—they’ve both been married so many times.

—they’ve both cheated on their respective spouses.
Therefore qualifies for “The Hottest President” competition.


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