#News: #Foreign policy: #U.S. #smart power and #EU dissolution

Drafted to address three facts: – that a new approach to to things outside the United States: especially in Europe and the Middle East is not only needed, it is imperative.

– that the talk of small government on the home front is retrogressive and does not fit a need to equip Americans for current and future challenges.

– that it is also important that the State department and the DOD be re-adjusted without affecting their abilities.
“Every quarter of a century, Europe have always had the bad luck of been burdened with either a destructive nationalism, a clash of tradition or some sort of petty bickering that easily brings out the worst regional rivalry anyone could ever wish for. And it is either a growing Russia, or an ever assertive Germany in the midst of it all.”  
That was my dearest Auntie Maggie “Margaret Thatcher” just over two decades ago and it wasn’t even a sermon on the mound. It was a personal advise on how best to deal with Europe. How to cap regional problems by being in charge of known states and administering to vulnerable culprits like Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.
And George H Bush, forever romanticizing Europe refused, “oh! Germany won’t fight anymore.” He then went ahead, ignored the inventive, took the easy way out and pressed on with an expensive German unification and the EU.
Well, what do we have now? Economic “lebensraum” rifling thorough the whole EU faster than Frederick the Great, and titling the balance towards war again. And as always main players are: Germany, Russia, France picking up the crumbs and the Poles shouting from the sideline.  
As much as we cannot blame them for their national traits, that is, being fortitude and being resolute, we need certain regulatory means in place – if we are to preserve boundaries from modern economic practices, especially those that could be dissonantly damaging to growth, to market and to the management of heritage and traditional materiel in continental Europe.
So, rather than be dragged into another European world war, and spend resources patrolling Europe all over again, I propose a break up the alliance of northern German states. Separate Saxony, Hanover and Bavaria from the German economic machine. I also propose to bring back the states of Aquitaine, Alsace and Brittany in France.  
As expected of a 2016 “American” Presidential Candidate, I will revamp economic, security and trade agreement between these states and save Europe form another bad luck and a wasteful war due to the rise of Germany as an economic powerhouse. 
This is the way Auntie Maggie “Margaret Thatcher” wished it. I believed it, because time has proved her to be right. And also because it is the best way to save American lives and face challenges of the millennia.
This is part one of my essay on foreign policy and smart power in the hand of an inventive President. It is a form of thinking where smart power adopts the form of an essay as the only path for establishing administrative jurisdiction over failed practices and policies that are fashionably traditional and not fit for the millennia.  
As a 2016 Presidential Candidate, my vocation is to invent or err. meanwhile, secure Americas place and position in the millennia as I do so. 
As a 2016 Presidential Candidate, and a progressively conservative but utilitarian fellow, my knowledge of the past is a lighting rod. Rather than wailing and moaning about same old things like all competing candidates on the campaign trail, I will rationally deduce to invent and keep inventing.  
Imagining and striving against all predictions, I believe is the best way to avoid failure.
Destiny or destination, I will not lead you to hell.


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