#News: #recruiting to #RebuildUSA.today

Post by Abbey Laurel-Smith:

News: recruiting to RebuildUSA.today

News: recruiting to RebuildUSA.today

The PILGRIMS Alliance and RebuildUSA.today is actively in need of VETERANS, WOMEN, FARMERS, STUDENTS, IMMIGRANTS and LGBT candidates to fill nationwide grass root campaign positions at local, state, regional and federal level.  

We are also seeking VETERANS, WOMEN, FARMERS, STUDENTS, IMMIGRANTS and LGBT reps. to field as candidates for Congress, and also for state and local elections all over the 50 states.

The PILGRIMS Alliance is a new political party and RebuildUSA.today is it’s supporting hybrid PAC. Both were registered with the FEC in March, 2015 by Abbey Laurel-Smith as progressive, bi-partisan, independent and utilitarian entities.  
Veterans are needed to use lessons and skills learnt in the military, to improve on American civilian life, especially those of young Graduates, high school Students and new voters.
Women issues, we believe should be the civil right issues of the future. We therefore need Women input on planned parent hood, healthcare, insurance, wages, retirement, education and other policies that touches them the most.
Students are needed as new voters and as a vanguard against voter ID suppression laws passed in different states.
Farmers are in the fore front of bio security attack on food chain, land use and the effect of environmental warming on what we eat, drink, breathe and sleep on. They are also needed to provide insight into why water farming is the key industry of the future, not oil and gas.
Immigrant or not, everyone is needed as a proof that our diversity is our strength.
Major aim is to RebuildUSA.today by embracing infrastructure upgrade, diversity and the New Age of American energy.  
The new age American energy is not only clean, it is the next great thing. It will provide top paying jobs, and for sure, the only industry that will not ship job overseas – because it will be too busy boosting the economy and nullifying long accumulated short back(s) on tax cut via savings, consumer spending, investments and more.
Be a PAL, help RebuildUSAtoday.


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