#News: #Women Issues (The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America)

Speaking on behalf of his newly formed progressive party, The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America and it’s hybrid PAC, RebuildUSA.today, Abbey Laurel-Smith, former candidate for Mayor, city of New York, 2013, said, “my stand on issues affecting Women today is broad and millennia focused.  It could be summed up on a banner with a set of very few exact words, yes.  But look beyond the texts, and you’ll see those words are pointers.  They are more than suggestions.  They are a cue to what is needed for the well being of the multi-tasking Woman in the millennia.  Multi-tasking because women are working more nowadays and still observing traditional roles like raising a family, if not families…  That’s why I borrowed Mitt Romney’s phrase, “the civil right issues of the future.”  Trust me, we’ll be making good progress if we see these issues in the view of the former Governor.”

Presidential campaign launch, Press briefing and Public announcement by the Pilgrims Alliance Party of America will be at the Front Lawn, City Hall, New Orleans on the 22nd of July, 2015at 12.00 noon.



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